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2 for 1 Adult Fitness
Train with a friend for the price of one member! Leverage a friend, lock in your fitness with modern self-defense and Kisado Interval Fitness training.

Core Training
Traditional Arts for youth and Adult Counter-Aggression Skills for practical self-defense, plus Kisado High Intensity Interval Fitness classes blended with a modern sports-science understanding of how to get the most from your best all in one package!

Core Plus Training
Our Core Programs from above in addition to our sport clinic classes covering Tiger-Rock Grappling, Yoga, Hanmudo, Weapons Training, and Extreme Martial Arts+]

Family Core Plus
Discover your Revolution with our Family Core Plus. Traditional Taekwondo, Counter-Aggression Skills for Adults, Kisado Interval Fitness, Tiger-Rock Grappling, and Hanmudo all included for the entire family for one simple price.

Not sure what you're looking for? Contact us and a staff member will be able to easily guide you through our programs and assist you in finding the one that fits your needs.

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