The Tiger-Rock Trainer

All Tiger-Rock trainers are certified by Tiger-Rock Martial Arts International. These individuals have dedicated their lives to the Tiger-Rock method and helping others learn their art. Becoming a trainer in Tiger-Rock Martial Arts takes tremendous commitment and many hours of training. Maintaining a teaching certificate is a continuing process involving further education and annual renewal.

Background Checks

As a best practice, Tiger-Rock Martial Arts requires that member academy directors conduct background checks on all annually-qualified trainers and academy staff who are 18 years old or older in their academies. Academies place a high priority on protecting the safety of our members.

Annual Qualifications and Continuing Education

All member trainers consider themselves lifelong learners. A trainer is required to earn CEU credits to keep up-to-date with the latest policies and teaching methods, ensuring safety and enhanced learning. No Tiger-Rock trainers are permitted to teach or appear to teach classes without proper and current TRMAI certification.

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