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Thank you for your interest in New Braunfels Tiger-Rock Academy located in New Braunfels, Texas. We are a member of Tiger-Rock Martial Arts International.

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts academies are part of an international family of schools that is one of the largest nationally accredited TaeKwonDo organizations. Tiger-Rock Martial Arts has the first nationally documented teaching program and is unique in the fact that we use an instructor certification procedure to ensure the ongoing quality of learning throughout our organization. All of our classes are taught in a safe, comfortable atmosphere by Tiger-Rock Martial Arts internationally Certified Instructors.

As a member of Tiger-Rock Martial Arts, you will enjoy many privileges which include access to instructional clinics, national and regional tournaments, testings, rank transfer, summer camps, complimentary Tiger-Rock news magazines, and free visitation privileges to Tiger-Rock academies around the world! All of this is in addition to the great aerobic workout that teaches valuable self-defense skills.

Traditional TaeKwonDo Classes

All of our classes are designed to integrate learning with improved self-esteem. You will learn self-defense skills and awareness while gaining a high level of fitness and positive self-image. You will also gain confidence and coordination as your artistic expression improves. Our adult classes are taught separately from the children's because they require much different teaching strategies. We encourage positive work and academic values and offer a Partners-in-Learning program for the children in order to emphasize their education. All of our students are taught to respect what they are learning and to never misuse TaeKwonDo. Taekwondo is a Korean martial art similar to Karate.

New TaeKwonDo students begin their training as white belts and through several years of training and concentrated work, they attain their black belts. At each formal testing a student can earn the next rank by displaying their knowledge of their current rank. Our ranks are as follows: White, Yellow, Jr. Green, Green, Sr. Green, Jr. Blue, Blue, Sr. Blue, Jr. Brown, Brown, Sr. Brown, Jr. Red, Red, Sr. Red, and Black. Each rank is attained through consistent training and participation at a formal testing. These testings have high-ranking Tiger-Rock Martial Arts judges from around the region and are held six times a year.

Students are not required to attend every testing, but are encouraged to progress at their own rate. New beginners are starting every day. Don't be concerned about feeling nervous, you'll be in a class with other beginners and in time you'll be one of our advanced students. As a black belt you may even choose to join our instructor program and become one of our Certified Instructors-the Pride of Tiger-Rock Martial Arts.

Through consistent practice and dedication to your Tiger-Rock TaeKwonDo Academy training center you will soon experience the pride, physical and mental strength, and the honor that has always been associated with martial arts training. You will also have the time of your life being involved with such a motivated group of people. Where else can you train and compete where treating people with the utmost of common decency is the norm and not the exception?

To schedule a free orientation class, call (830)481-0589. That's all you need to get started in a life training with Honor, Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, Courage, Community, Strength, Humility, Knowledge.

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